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Using state-of-the art vehicle computerised diagnostics equipment, we diagnose any problems that your car has developed and work to repair them for you. For diesel and petrol vehicles. We have several systems to cover the majority of vehicles on the road all fully updated regularly to give you the highest possible service & performance together with peace of mind

  • State of the art vehicle diagnostics equipment

  • Car diagnostics for petrol and diesel

  • Engine diagnostics and more

We won't miss a single thing!

Whether you've got a light on your dashboard flashing up to tell you what the problem is, or you'd like our car diagnostics team to give your vehicle a complete health check, we'll catch any underlying issues as well as any obvious problems.

Vehicle diagnostics for most cars

Book your car in for a check-up with our team in Shrewsbury. Call us today on

Car diagnostics for petrol and diesel

Engine and auto electric diagnostics

Modern equipment and software